Why Vintage ?

I was thinking of writing an article on why you should consider buying a vintage sewing machine… started off by saying that these were built in a bygone age where quality and craftsmanship were at their peak, and when a sewing machine was designed to last through many generations.

Realized that it would be the shortest article ever methinks.

I just serviced another 401A which is going to be used by a the grand daughter of the original owner, it looks and runs like new, and nothing was worn out save for a damaged hook.

I serviced this 401A last week and it shines like a new penny and purrs like a kitten on warm milk, and is 60 years old.

They are brilliant machines and I really do think the 4xx series Singers are the best machines they ever made.



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2 Replies to “Why Vintage ?”

  1. I have over 50 machines and the 401A is one of my absolute favorites. It is extremely versatile and powerful, and in my opinion, one of the best machines ever put out by Singer. You will never regret owning one.

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