The Singer VS Machines: 1885 – 1960

Singer 128 – 1924 – La Vencadora decals

Launched in 1885, the Singer VS (Vibrating Shuttle) machines had one of the longest production runs of any sewing machine and were originally treadled or hand cranked machines, with later versions coming as electric models.

Singer 28 – 1908 – Victorian decals

The 27 and 127 were the full size models (usually treadled) while the 28 and 128 were the 3/4 sized “portable” versions which sold in the millions and are perhaps what people think of when they picture an antique sewing machine.

Singer 27 – 1911- Memphis decals

Even after they were eclipsed by more technologically advanced models they continued to sell well into the middle of the 20th century, their simple and robust design and an enviable stitch quality is one thing that kept them popular among sewers, and now collectors and modern sewers still seek them out.

They are abundant machines, unless you are looking for a hand cranked model 27, or a 28 or 128 in a treadle… both variants are extremely hard to find.

The VS machines did not change much over their 75 year run, the 127 and 128 added an ejector for the shuttle, and a built in upper tension release. As time went by the ornate decals gave way to simpler gold patterns, the La Vencadora decals are in my opinion, the most beautiful Singer ever offered.

Some pictures…

Singer 28-9 – 1912 – Victorian decals
Singer 128 – 1948 – Celtic decals – For Sale
Singer 128 – 1934 – Celtic decals, in a library table. – For Sale
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