A Strapping Idea…

Case straps…

Pearl is always reminding everyone, that the handles and latches on vintage cases might have been fine when they were made 60 or more years ago but now one might want to add safety straps to provide extra security.

Pearl, inspecting the case straps I made for a 431G

These are really easy to make and all you need is the strapping, a size 18 needle, and preferably, some Tex 70 bonded nylon which most domestic machines can handle.

First you make the two loops to wrap around the case and make them snug as they will stretch a wee bit. After that the handle is added and it’s length has to be such to allow you to slide the loops off the end, one at a time. There are no latches or clips of any kind on these straps.

Sliding the loop off…
The handle is sewn in where the loop crosses over, you can do this in one pass.
Straps on a Featherweight case… note that this one has a broken latch.
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