Off The Cuff

I love thrift shopping, and besides being on the lookout for nice sewing machines and accessories, most of the clothing I buy is purchased second hand. I think that nearly everything I am wearing right now, save for my undies and socks, came from the second hand shop.


A while back I found some really nice Goretex lined jeans and the only problem was that they were un-hemmed and the inseam was 32 inches, I wear a 33 in boots.

I decided to add a cuff and extend the jeans just a little, and for that there is no better machine than my 1911 Singer 31-20 that I named Marie Louise, after the lady who used her for decades as a professional seamstress.

Not bad to get some USA made jeans (Cabellas) for all of $10.00 cdn, and about an hour of my time to make up and sew in the cuffs.

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