Restoration – Singer 29k

Singer 29k Cobbler”s Machine

When this Singer 29k arrived (a customer’s machine) and got cleaned up, it was missing it’s finish along the upper arm, main arm, base, and the treadle was pretty much bare metal.

It was also missing some important parts which we were able to source, and we also upgraded the hardware in the treadle to standard threading, and re-tapped the base of the machine to an M10 machine thread. This will make replacing these screws as easy as going down to the local hardware store if one gets lost.

Sometimes I see before and after pictures where it looks like all a person had to do was wipe off a few decades worth of dust, which acts as a wonderful protect-ant.

This machine took more than 20 hours in our workshop, after cleaning and detailing the small parts the machine was re-enameled, with careful attention made to preserve the original decals. As the machine would never look perfect or brand without a complete strip down and new decals, we used old fashioned methods to do a sympathetic restoration of this nearly 100 year old beauty.

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5 Replies to “Restoration – Singer 29k”

  1. I have a 29k2 with a broken treadle. Do you know where I could get a replacement and what would this machine be worth?

  2. I have a 29k13 patcher in working order paint work a bit poor. my question what price could I sell it for in Adelaide South Australia?

    1. Prices can be extremely variable depending on location and condition, in Canada a nice 29k will sell for around 1000 cad

      1. We have a 29k2. Still in working condition but needs cleaning. My father in law fixed my leather sandals with it a few years ago. Where would we find a buyer?
        Thanks, Eric

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