Yes, We Do House Calls.

Pearl and her brothers and sister were at the sitters for almost a month as we finished up our move and got the house ready for them, having a flock of birds is more complicated than having a mammalian companion.

They came home yesterday and we could not have asked for a better Christmas gift to have our family back together.

Pearl supervises me in the shop and as soon as she got home she seemed ready to get back to work.

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2 Replies to “Yes, We Do House Calls.”

  1. Need my vintage Kenmore serviced. It was working ok but now tension on back is frozen. Probably a 1948. My mother bought new. Had cleaned and serviced about 30 years ago, It is to heavy for me to bring in I am 75 years old. Need repairman to come to my house in Lexington.

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