Husqvarna Viking 1090 – Underbar !

We picked this Husqvarna 1090 up on one of our daily adventures this past week for a ridiculous sum of money, ridiculous as it was so little and the shop selling it really had no idea. To them it was just an “old” heavy sewing machine and they had a few later model plastic machines selling for twice as much.

I have been running it through it’s paces and have to say I am very impressed with the user friendly design as if you have used a sewing machine, this machine is not going to confuse you. The display tells you everything you need to know from what foot to use, and what needle is required.

It has not seen much use and was recently serviced by another local shop, it runs beautifully and makes an incredibly nice stitch, which is what one should expect from any Swedish made Husqvarna.

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  1. You found a treasure! I bought my 1090 brand new and 30+ years later and after countless hours of use (mostly for costuming) it sews as nicely now as it did years ago! I have an Operating Manual PDF if you need one.

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