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Super Lube Synthetic Oil

For many years we have been using sewing machine oil (light mineral oil) as well as Tri Flow synthetic oil for it’s excellent penetrating qualities and lubrication, with the only issue being the banana smell of Tri-Flow.

In order to reduce the VOC’s, I opted to switch to Superlube synthetic oil much like we switched to using Superlube grease instead of Tri-Flow grease. The new oil is approved for food service use, is clear, a little thicker than Tri-Flow, and like the grease is safe on just about all plastics.

If you are going to be sewing long and hard and want the best protection for your machine’s moving parts; a synthetic oil is superior to petroleum based oils, lasts longer, and in tests, we have found that the Superlube performs even better than Tri-Flow.

Superlube oil and grease is widely available at many hardware stores, Walmart, and auto supply stores so you don’t have to order it online or hunt too hard to find it.

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