Singer 421G – Slant Needle – Freearm

Singer 421G – 1963

Singer was a global company and did some odd things, like offering the 421G free arm model in Europe and restricting it’s sale in North America. Like the later 431G (1964-65) this machine was very similar to the domestic 401A but added that wonderful detachable bed.

As such, examples of these German made Singers in North America are rare and were only brought back to this side of the pond by individuals, often those who served in the military in Germany, where Singer made the 110V model available for purchase.

The original production numbers of these machines is also very low as it was the top of the line model offered, and was an extremely expensive purchase, costing the equivalent of $4000.00 if we adjust for inflation.

Many people have said that the German made Singers are even better than their domestic counterparts, the tolerances and build quality of all the 4xx series machines is really exceptional and most of them we come across still look and run like new, even though some might be over 60 years old now.

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2 Replies to “Singer 421G – Slant Needle – Freearm”

  1. I just picked up a 421g and the label is Singer New York.
    I thought they were only made in Germany.

    1. The G series machines were made in Germany, Singer’s head offices were in New York City. My 320k23 was made in the UK but had a Singer NY badge affixed to show the motor / electrical specs.

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