Case Straps

Those beautiful old bentwood cases are wonderful to look at, but I am always reminding people to lift them from the bottom rather than trust a handle that might we well over 100 years old.

To that end I make up carrying straps from nylon webbing, you could do this on a heavier duty domestic machine but I like to use the industrials… the 29k and 108w make short work of this.

The case strap slips on and is made to size, this eliminates the use of a clip that might eventually fail, or scratch the case.

It sure makes carrying these heavier machines a lot easier.

Singer 29k58 – made in 1938
Singer 29k, sews in any direction.
Singer 108w20
Case straps for a 1912 Singer 99, this case has a dodgy latch.
Case straps for a Singer 15-91, she’s a heavy beast.
Case straps for my 431G, these are the worst cases and should not be trusted.

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