A Golden Anniversary

In 1971 Bernina was already established as the maker of some of the world’s best sewing machines, having introduced the 5 series machines in 1954 and the 7 series in 1963 but 50 years ago marked the release of one of their most popular, best selling, and most sought after machines of all time.

The Bernina 830 Electronic took their machines to a new level and was their best seller throughout it’s 11 year production run.

To this day the 830 does not look dated and many owners will tell you it is still their favourite machine of all time, the stitch quality is exemplary, they run smoothly and quietly, and are extremely easy to use.

They were packed in an eye catching red case that had a place for everything from the extension bed, accessory case, knee lift control, and a caddy for the pedal and cord.

There were some issues with recalls on the model 213 pedal which Bernina addressed, and then improved upon and they are known to have issues with some of the cam gears cracking but again, if you were the original owner, Bernina would cover the replacement.

They did have a lifetime guarantee against defects, which was reflected in the price as these were some of the most expensive machines on the market.

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