The Singer 201-2

Singer 201-2, USA 1950

The Singer 201 is considered to be the best straight stitch sewing machine ever made, they were built to a level of precision like few others before or since, and the top of the line model was the 201-2.

The 201-2 had a potted motor, which drives the handwheel via a beveled gear which eliminates the belt and external motor used on the 201-3, with this the power delivery is instantaneous and then transferred through the beveled gear drive system inside the 201.

They are among the smoothest and most vibration free machined ever made, and are extremely quiet, you could fill an entire work room with these and the noise would not overcome conversations.

This 201-2 arrived this morning and was frozen solid or as I like to call it, “bricked” but after oiling, gentle heating and some mechanical persuasion it is now running as smoothly and quietly as any machine we have in our collection.

And it is also rather fast and the stitching as absolutely perfect.

The 201-2 was not sold in Canada and as such, is a machine that we were very happy to have acquired, it completes our collection of 201 machines as we have a 201k (treadle), a 201-3 (belt drive) and a delightful 201-4 which is a hand crank from the UK.

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