Singer VS / 27 – 1896 – The Natural

Singer VS3 – 1896

When I went to service this 125 year old Singer VS / 27 machine I met a very nice retired couple and discovered that it was the husband who wanted to use his grandfathers machine, and not the wife with the lovely sewing studio upstairs. She said he was not allowed to use her machines…

After things were finished and I had made numerous test runs (of perfect) stitches the husband asked his wife to try it, commenting that she would have to teach him how the machine worked.

She struggled a little with the treadle, until you are familiar with them starting and stopping, and maintaining a smooth action takes a little practice… usually. She said it had been 40 years since she used a treadle machine.

After this the husband sat down at the treadle and he had been watching intently throughout the servicing and testing.

From the get go he ran that machine like someone who has used a treadle for years, starting and stopping smoothly and even doing a running backstitch.

He had never used a sewing machine in his life.

He is a retired airline pilot… I said that his skills and hand, eye, and foot coordination was probably the reason he could sit down and operate this machine so smoothly.

His wife was stunned, and we figured he can practice on fabric instead of paper… and with no doubt he is already making things on his grandfather’s sewing machine.

It also runs so quietly you could watch the tele while you were sewing… my boots make more noise than my regular shoes here.

Happy sewing.

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