Heavy Metal

Singer 191J – 1959

Folks often say that the the Singer 201-2 is the heaviest domestic machine they ever made and if you ever watched The Dressmaker, you know that Miss Kate could have never carried that machine in one hand like that.

Those folks obviously never picked up a Singer 191J, which makes the Singer 201 look like a lightweight, hitting the curb at 38 pounds in it’s wooden base with the pedal and cord included. With a naked weight just over 35 pounds… they are like a block of solid steel.

The 191J is a rarer variant of the venerable Singer 15, using the same oscillating hook and mechanics, packaged into a sleeker late 50’s body, that looks like a Singer 201 Mk2, which they say was made out of Aluminium recycled from WW2 Spitfires.

These machines were often sold to and used by artisans and tailors due to their rugged construction, heavy duty capabilities, and stitch quality on everything from silk to the heavy materials like the 12 oz denim I sewed a sample on.

Flawless stitching

Potted motor

Like the 15-91, 15-125, and 201-2 these Canadian made machines used a potted motor which is direct drive with no belts so there is no slippage, and no adjustments required.

Ideally one would fit this machine into a cabinet as it is not one I would be taking to quilting retreats unless power lifting is another hobby, at close to 40 pounds all packed up it is more than I am supposed to lift these days.

With all that being said it is a beautiful machine that is smooth, fast, and makes a perfect straight stitch, it also has a bed mounted feed control that can be adjusted to fabric weights and used for free motion work.

Our price for this chunk of steel will be $249.00 cad, with the accessories, case, and manual included.

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