Singer Featherweight 221 – 1935

What hasn’t been written about the Singer Featherweight ?

This small aluminium wonder debuted in 1933 and at 11 pounds it was one of the lightest, fully functional sewing machines on the market, and over it’s production life, they were sold in the millions (2.5 million) so in most cases, one could never consider them to be rare.

Some variants are rare, like specially badged models, and the wrinkle / blackside and tan coloured models and those can fetch thousands of dollars when they come up for sale.

The early models like this 1935 are a wee bit different as they use a different bobbin tensioner and have a different faceplate, and if this example was 100% original it would have a different upper tension unit. Many were changed to a numbered dial over the years.

The handwheel is a bit thinner and lighter, and I have found the early Featherweights are by far, the smoothest running examples, probably due to new tooling being used and subsequent higher tolerances.

School bell tensioner

People have asked if we are going to add this to our permanent collection but we haven’t decided on that yet, have always said that if I was going to keep a 221 that it would be an early school bell version…

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