Something old, something new…

Like most things we rarely buy anything new, my phone is a hand me down from my daughter and when she upgraded her computer to a new gaming oriented machine, we moved her old desktop into the shop.

Too slow for modern gaming and it’s demands, but about on par with my laptop and perfectly good for the workshop.

That wireless keyboard had to go… I prefer mechanical keys as they are so much easier on the hands and if I want a rainbow of keyboard colours I could do that too.

Still listening to the radio on my 60 year old Nordmene Electra am/fm radio though.


Rose purchased her Pfaff 130 in October of 1954, and according to the receipt she received a $40.00 trade in allowance on her White Rotary treadle so her bill was $335.00 plus a small financing charge.

Factoring for inflation, that was like spending $4000.00 in 2022 and over the years she sewed a lot, and took exemplary care of her beloved machine, keeping the sales receipt and the lifetime warranty.

The Pfaff 130 is considered to be one of the greatest machines of the 20th century, beiong a high speed rotary capable of 2500 stitches per minute, and this 130 is also fitted with the optional embroidery module, sometimes called a coffee grinder.

It was fitted to a model 100 cabinet, which was the entry level model but still very well made, the Cosmopolitan cabinet was the top of the line cabinet and would have brought the price of the package to well over $500.00.

Most amazing was how smoothly and quietly this machine is running after 10 years of not being used, we have yet to give it a complete service and after that she will run even better.

Due to our busy schedule we won’t be getting to that until September of 2022.