Singer 128 – 1920

Singer 128 – 1920

In looking at thise machine it is hard to believe that it is one hundred and two years old, she has a few wee nicks and the lightest of marks on the slide plates which will polish out nicely.

In my opinion, the La Vencadora decals are among the prettiest ever, (and they were unique to the 128), and so popular they sold in vast numbers, so much so that we see almost as many of these than we do the plainer black and gold models.

People may complain that the vibrating shuttle machines only hold half as much bobbin thread as a round bobbin machine, and the unitiated may find them a little different to use but the stitch quality is simply amazing, and they will sew whatever you can put under the foot as they are virtually indestructible.

We also picked up an 1891 Singer VS2 “fiddle base” this week, a model that preceded and evolved into the 28 and 128 and just like it’s little sister, it still sews beautifully, despite her well worn condition.

Happy sewing.

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