Restoration and Preservation – Singer 221

Singer 221

When this machine was received I first thought it was only good enough to be a parts donor due to the deterioration of the clearcoat, and for a time it did just that, lending a piece here and a piece there to save another one of it’s sisters.

I decided to strip the old clearcoat from the bed, which is a laborious and delicate process as once the clearcoat is gone the decals are exposed and vulnerable but that went well and besides being able to presere the decals found the base paint was in very good condition as well.

After that it has been a process of applying clear polyurethane to build up a protective coat following by fine and finer sanding, more applications of polyurethane, more fine sanding, and you just keep repeating the process to build up the clear layers until the machine starts to shine.

After this, which is still ongoing… it will get a really good buffing.

I also need to touch up a few areas on the top and on the light cover but will do that separate of the bed.

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