The Singer 301… magnificent.

When Singer introduced the 301 in 1951 it was a revolutionary machine for it’s time, taking the rotary hook system from the 221 and combining it with the direct gear drive system of the venerable 201.

The machine was cast aluminium and is light enough to carry with one hand, is full sized, and capable if running at 1600 stitches a minute with nary a vibration.

They cost the equivalent of $3200.00 cad when they were new (275.00 in 1951) so were a significant purchase, and preceded the later slant needle models like the 403 and 500 which added multi stitch capabilities. These later models used a drop in class 66 bobbin instead of the vertical rotary hook.

These are a favourite among quilters and many of our customers who have discovered the 301 / 301A have found their Singer 221 Featherwights don’t see nearly as much use. the 301 is not much heavier and much more capable due to a more powerful motor and full size harp space.

We currently have quite a few of these wonderful machines available for purchase and if you are local we are always happy to arrange a test drive.

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