The Singer 301/301A…

The Singer 301/301A debuted in 1951 during Singer’s 100th anniversary and has gone on to become one of the most loved and appreciated machines ever made.

It uses the same vertical rotary hook as the earlier 221, is gear driven and is powered by an internal motor that is mounted vertically, and gives the 301 a sewing speed that tops out at around 1600 stitches a minute.

Being made of cast aluminium is it a rather light, full size machine so is ideal for travelling, and came in a long bed model as seen here as well as short bed models.

It came in beige (as shown here), black, and a two tone beige and white with the beige and black models being available as both long and short bed models.

It also introduced Singer’s slant needle system.

Some examples we have had in the shop over the years, the black short bed model belongs to our permanent collection.

The stitch quality of the 301 is perfect and as such is highly favoured by quilters and sewists of all kinds.

We have a number of 301A machines available for sale, models with no A suffix are a little rarer as these were only made in 1951 during the first run, and black long bed machines are probably the most desirable.

Happy sewing.

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