In Stitches- Our Thread Stands

Back in the old days, thread came flat wound on wooden and plastic spools and as such, our older machines have vertical spool pins which are designed to feed this thread evenly.

Modern threads often come cross wound and in many cases feeding a cross wound spool from a vertical spool pin causes all kinds of issues from uneven feeding tension, thread twist, or having the spool dance off the machine due to the oscillation. Cross wound spools are designed to be fed off the spool end and this is why modern machines have horizontal spool pins, or adaptors to load the spool horizontally.

Sometimes you may want to sew with a larger cone of thread set to the back of the machine and for that you also need a thread stand.

We started making custom thread stands some years ago when some customers complained about the machine mounted models they had purchased, finding that they fit poorly and from my view… they didn’t look that nice either.

So I started making them out of brass, which looks beautiful when it is polished.

Classic thread stand for a Singer 301- $25.00 cad

The machine mounted stands we make have proven to be exceptionally popular and well reviewed by Featherweight 221/222 and 301 owners, and are particularly useful for machines that travel, if you are a stay at home sewer a table mounted stand is a nice option. They can also swing to the back and feed from a full size cone of thread.

Ultimate Thread Stands

Our newest design is modelled after a vintage Pfaff spool holder, designed when people were still using flat wound spools, but we found they were also a joy to use with cross wound spools as they feed the thread cleanly and evenly with no backlash, and no thread twist.

Another feature is that the brass base weighs an ounce / 28 grams and can be used to set the weight on most domestic bobbin cases.

An addition we made to the Ultimate Stand was an extra extension arm to be used for feeding rear mounted cones of thread… this is particularly nice for the Featherweight 221 and 222 as they have such wide bodies.

Some more pictures from the shop… when we started everything was hand made with simple tools but now we have a wonderful little lathe for turning down the brass to precise diameters as the finished weight is very important.

This is a special order we made for a customer who has issues holding a screwdriver, we made the thumb nuts here in our shop…

Our thread stands are hand made in Canada in our workshop, with careful attention to detail, and fit.

We guarantee them forever against any defects.


Ultimate Thread Stand: $45.00 CAD

Extension Arm for rear mounted cones (needed on the 221/222): $5.00 CAD

Classic Thread Stand: $25.00 (Please specify machine model)

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