The Singer 191J

The Singer 191 was made in a number of countries with a few variations in colour and drive options, the J model was made in Canada and just like the 15-91 (on which it was based) it uses a direct drive potted motor.

Mechanically it is a Singer 15 under the bed, while the upper casting is almost the same as the later aluminium 201 Mk2 and 15-75, with a front mounted tension control and a feed dog control under the bed mounted spool pin.

Just like a Singer 15, these machines are built like tanks, are nearly indestructible, weigh a ton (they are cast iron), and will sew pretty much anything you can get under the foot.

The stitch quality is also exemplary whether you are sewing quilting cotton, or heavier materials like denim or canvas.

This machine is for sale…