Thread Stands, Why You Need One.

Custom hand made thread stands for nearly any machine…

Back in the old days thread came on wooden spools that were flat wound and designed to feed off a vertical thread pin, and you can still buy this type of thread.

We also have a lot of modern threads that are cross wound and these spools are designed to feed off the end or top of the spool, and when you use this with a lot of vintage machines, it can cause issues. The spool can bounce, spin too quickly and cause snags, and creates uneven upper tension which will negatively affect your work.

Table mounted thread stands are common for industrial machines as much of that thread comes on large cross wound spools, or feeds from even larger reels but your domestic machine can benefit from something smaller, lighter, and more elegant.

We make thread stands for every type of machine,  our deluxe stand is made to fit in the oil hole of a vintage machine while our wound stands are made for two spool machines.

You can feed thread from the second spool pin, or feed from a larger spool set behind the machine as shown here on my Elna Supermatic.

Two pin stand on my Bernina 731…

The most popular thread guide we sell is the one for the Singer Featherweights as they are most likely to travel, and many of the threads quilters use come as cross wound. They also use a lot of thread so larger spools are often used off the back of the machine.

We make our thread stands here, by hand, out of quality brass stock and these drop in and do not use friction to hold them in place. we fit a small rubber washer to keep it set in place, and so it does not mar your machine.

We can also size them so they fit in the top tray of a Featherweight case…  and I just made one that fits in the side tray of a Singer bentwood case for a Singer 99k.

This stand was custom made to fit a 301, the thread guide is drilled to match the machine’s original thread path, and is polished and de-burred.

As this is a popular machine we have made a lot of stands for this machine, and as it is a very fast machine, we test the stand for performance when the machine is running full out at 1500- 1600 stitches per minute.

This stand for my White Rotary has double thread guides as the top thread guide sits higher, the lower thread guide lets me use it with other machines like my Bernina 117 that have a lower thread path.

This two pin thread stand was made for my 411G and this required a little extra work due to the original spool pins on the machine being too flexible to hold the stand.

We offer an upgrade for the Singer machines like the 411G and others, that utilize the flexy spool pins, that pop off all too easily. This is also essential to utilize the thread stand on a machine that does not like cross wound thread.

Prices and Ordering

Deluxe Thread Stand: $30.00 cdn

Two Pin Thread Stands: $15.00 cdn

We will need to know what machine the stand will be fitted to, and with the two pin stand, need to know the distance between the spool pins.

Please allow several weeks for us to make them as we sell them almost as quickly as they are turned out, and we do have to make sure we have enough brass in stock.

Shipping in Canada is around $4.00 for one or two stands (they are very light and flat), while shipping to the U.S. is currently $8.00 cdn.

We also ship globally at cost.



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