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Some of the work we do… 

Knee lift fabrication…

When your machine is 80 years old and is missing a part that is no longer made, we can fabricate a replacement part for you.

This knee lift was made for a customer in the United States, based on the original knee lift we have on our own Bernina 117.

It is constructed of high grade stainless steel, so will never rust and has adequate stiffness for it’s purpose, the original was painted steel.

Custom Bobbin Cases – Singer Swing Needle

The Singer “Swing Needle” machines were the first zig zag machines that Singer offered and the later models like the 306 and 319 were designed to use a proprietary bobbin case which forced the use of a proprietary 206 by 13 needle when every other Singer machine used the standard 15 by 1 needle.

The difference between a 206 by 13 needle and a 15 by 1 is that the 206 by 13 is just a little shorter below the eye, and when a 15 by 1 needle is used on one of these machines, it damages the bobbin case.

We customize a Singer 20 U case to fit these machines, some versions of the 306 will accept a 20U straight up, while later versions have a guide pin which warrants the addition of a guide slot in the case.

Once fitted the machine can use any 15 by 1 needle, uses the same L bobbins, and can also use commonly available double needles. these machines make a glorious stitch and very precise zig zag and pattern stitches.

Singer 319 double needle work
Singer 319 stitch test, with 15 by 1 needle and custom bobbin case.


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