If Rolex Made Sewing Machines

If Ferrari made sewing machines they would have made the Necchi Supernova, but if Rolex had made sewing machines, they would have made the Elna 62C SU (Supermatic).

The machine is built like a Swiss watch with exceeding high tolerances and perfect balance and using one is something that has to be experienced, few machines run smoother, faster, or quieter.

The original Supermatic debuted in April of April 1952 and was a wonder of engineering and through constant improvements and refinements the Elna SU (Star series) machines debuted in 1971.

An old tech once told me that the 62C was the finest machine ever made, and he worked for a Bernina dealer.

These really were the pinnacle for Elna and stand as one of the finest sewing machines ever made, and perhaps the best machine you could have purchased in the early 1970’s… the Bernina 830 Record and Husqvarna 2000 series machines are and were exceptional but the Elna took sewing to the next level.

If I have one complaint about the 62C is that they are really fussy when it comes to being kept clean, the hook tolerances are so precise that they are very intolerant of lint and debris whereas most machines with oscillating hooks (ie Bernina) are much more tolerant of neglect, although they should all be kept clean and get brushed out and get a drop of oil after every project.