Husqvarna… the 21 Automatic.

Husqvarna 21 – Permanent Collection

Most people associate Husqvarna with chain saws and perhaps motorcycles but their history of being a sewing machine manufacturer goes back to the late 1800’s, after the need for arms waned the artisans in the industrial areas of Sweden turned their talents to making other things, among them were sewing machines.

And they made a fine sewing machine… during the early 1900’s they did as many European companies did and copied or imitated the Singer 15 and VS machines but after World War 2 they became extremely innovative and introduced a new series of machines with the 21 being the crown jewel.

Said by some to be the finest machine ever made and it really has few flaws or weaknesses… the controls are ergonomic and easy to use, the machine stitches perfectly and is capable of 20 different stitch patterns (via cams), the free arm is beautifully designed, and one feature that few other manufacturers offered was an actual low gear reduction.

These machines will sew a bumper on a Volvo and look beautiful doing it too.

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