What Is Your Favourite Sewing Machine ?

Necchi Supernova Automatica

This is a question I am asked quite often and it is like asking, “who is your favourite child?” or “which bird is your favourite?”.

If you click on the link to our permanent collection you will see quite a range of machines, with many hand cranks and treadles as I really do like human powered sewing.

Many of the examples we have collected are machines I consider to be the best in their class, historically significant, or just all around great performers, like my Kenmore 1931… which I often liken to a Toyota Camry as it is so well made and dead reliable. That and it was made at the peak of Sear’s production and relationship with Maruzen in Japan.

I love good design and engineering and am always fascinated when I discover a new machine like the new Necchi Supernova, I have bought, sold and serviced countless Necchi machines but the Supernova was the greatest machine they ever produced.

It is a technological masterpiece.

Happy sewing.

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