Sunday Musings…

I picked up this Bernina 707 Minimatic some time back before I had to deal with some extended illness and finally got around to changing a cracked cam gear, which was not yet causing any issues but upon removal could see the crack extending all the way through the centre.

The machine (not for sale) is in otherwise mint condition and came complete with all it’s accessories, manual, and case and according to some folks in the business, these are probably one of the finest portable machines ever made and it would be hard to disagree. It is 3/4 sized and the counterpart to the full size Bernina 731, and retains full size power in a more compact package.

At the time of sale these wee machines still sold for the equivalent of $3000.00 (2023 dollars)) and were a large investment.

Being a vintage kind of guy in most respects I have been on the hunt for a simple watch that has nothing but two hands and some numbers, and one that is not grossly oversized as most modern watches are.

This Timex Indiglo “Easy Reader” fit the bill quite nicely and while a new one costs $65.00 CAD I snagged this one at an antique sale for $20.00 and it included a Speidel band which sells for more than what I paid.

My friend also loves old watches and her Caravelle winder (1977) needed a band adjustment so I brought that over where I could look at it under the magnifier and loupe to remove the extra links. It was a much easier band to adjust than the Speidel.

After being laid low for over a month with a nasty staph infection and post infection fatigue it has been nice to get back to work… this beautiful 221 was brought to us by an antique store we work with and we dropped it off this week.

We were totally charmed by this music box, that was made in the late 1800’s, it has been fully restored and plays eight melodies in sequence and it is also for sale, but I don’t have an extra $3000.00 and I have even checked the couch.

After a slow start due to a very dry spring, the garden is coming along nicely and it looks like it isn’t going to stop raining for quite a few days, we really need the rain here as the province has been on fire and our farmers are not going to have a good year.

With that I’ll wish everyone a happy Father’s Day and go and enjoy my day off.

Happy Sewing.

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