Summertime… almost.

Summer has almost arrived here so I have been spending my mornings and evenings working in the garden and greenhouse, this tends to be a slower time of year as I assume that many of our customers turn to doing the same things.

I should be able to harvest the Haksap berries soon, when the birds descend on them I know they are ripe and it is time to pick them and freeze them for later.

I know that with Covid a lot of people are re-discovering the simple joys of gardening and growing more of their own food which can only be a good thing, just like many people have rediscovered the joy of sewing during these difficult times.

A garden is wonderful place where all the stresses of the day and times can fade away as you focus on growing things.

Even on warm and rainy days like today I can go out and enjoy the deck, and have set up a little library table in case I decide I want to bring out a 128 or a 99 and sew outside. 😀

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