Singer 320k23 – 1959

If you live outside of North America you are probably more likely to find a Singer 320 because as to my knowledge, these were never brought to North America through Singer Stores and would have been purchased abroad and brought back by individuals.

They came in two variants, the rarer two tone brown models are a basic machine that zig zags while the two tone green 320 is fully featured with built in stitches and cam capability… the holy grail for many Singer collectors.

The extension bed and base separate and are both removable to expose the free arm, this is some genius design work.

Like the other machines in the series the 320 uses a vertical rotary hook and a cleated internal timing belt like a Pfaff 130 which makes them very smooth and fast, the stitch quality is unsurpassed.

This 320k23 was my white whale, a machine I had only seen in pictures and had never come across until today, after a 300 mile round trip and a lighter wallet I now have one of the few machines I was actively seeking.

It had been handed down through several generations and I am naming it Florence Ruth, for the mother and daughter who used this machine over the past 62 years.

One of the few, if any of these to have been badged by Singer for export with electrical specifications, the machine was made in Kilbowie, Scotland (Great Britain).

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