The Singer 206k “Swing Needle”.

If there is one lesser known and completely under rated Singer machine the 206k should top that list.

These were the earliest zig zag models that Singer offered in the late 1930’s and the second generation of these machines appeared after World War 2, eventually evolving into the 306, 319, and 320 models. The model is very German looking as they were designed there originally, as a competitor to Pfaff and other European marques.

These machines use a cleated belt drive which makes them exceptionally quiet and light running, and have a vertical rotary hook which gives them a smoothness of operation, a nigh perfect stitch, and they are absolutely wonderful for free motion work.

The 206k is not as commonly encountered as the 306, as it would seem they had lower production numbers, probably because Singer moved to producing the 306 which is the same mechanically, but adds cam capability in some variants, and has a more modern looking casting.

The Singer 306k, in black… another awesome machine. Some variants did not have cam capability and were virtually identical to the 206k save for the bodywork.

A stitch test… and one of the best designed zag zag feet ever.

Happy sewing !

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